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"M&A Partners’ advisors worked directly with our leadership and functional teams to practices for our largest acquisition to date. From integration kickoff through business optimization, M&A Partners provided guidance and value-added services to develop and manage the overall integration."

-Kevin Jacobs, DTI

M&A Partners brings a wealth of practical knowledge garnered from decades of real-world experience. If your team needs to learn the skills that are key to successful mergers and acquisitions, M&A Partners offers a variety of training opportunities:

  • On-site M&A training
  • Internal M&A capability development
  • Integration workshops in partnership with the M&A Leadership Council

On-Site M&A Training

Whether your organization is a serial acquirer or is diving into M&A for the first time, the integration process offers plenty of opportunities for value erosion. The right M&A training will give your team the right skills for efficient, effective integration.

M&A Partners provides on-site training tailored to your organization’s needs, challenges and preferred tools. Your team will come away with time-proven, scalable strategies and tactics for maximizing deal value.

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Internal M&A Capability Development

Leveraging our senior experts, thought-leading research and extensive best practices, our team can help you quickly assess potential gaps and opportunities in your current M&A approach and deliver the solutions, strategies and skills to ensure your organization succeeds deal after deal.

Establishing a true enterprise M&A capability and readiness has become an important, yet challenging strategic priority. Best-in-class acquirers demonstrate a commitment to core foundations for M&A success.

Leading Education in the M&A Community

M&A Partners is the exclusive integration services sponsor of the M&A Leadership Council, a global consortium of diverse service providers and practitioners in the mergers and acquisitions sector. In partnership with the Council, M&A Partners provides its best and most experienced integrators to help other executives build the skills and insights needed to succeed with every deal. Each Council partner shares a common commitment to the M&A community by providing opportunities for continuous improvement, advanced learning and applications of best practices in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, consolidation and restructuring.

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