Our highly experienced consultants guide you through the set up and running of your Diligence and Integration Management Office to plan, coordinate, implement and track all M&A operations.

Integration begins with due diligence. Let M&A Partners supplement your existing due diligence capabilities with best-in-class approaches including:

  • Diligence Management Office (“DMO”). Similar to the integration management office (“IMO”) for integration, this disciplined and tightly managed approach will accelerate and improve your due diligence process.
  • Core Due Diligence Services. Working in active partnership with the sponsoring entities of the M&A Leadership Council (www.macouncil.org), M&A Partners is pleased to provide a turnkey solution for all core due diligence needs including financial, IT, operations and legal requirements.
  • Culture, Fit & Value Assessment. This assessment is designed to create an overall integration approach and framework to preserve and leverage the unique attributes and capabilities of the target company while proactively addressing potential cultural “flashpoints” before they destroy deal value.
  • Establish and Run the IMO. Identify the optimal integration team resourcing and governance needs, implement reporting, tracking and cross-functional coordination of all IMO processes.
  • Coordinated Integration Team Kick-off. Best-in-class processes and methods to quickly and constructively launch working teams from both buyer and target company.
  • Milestones and Metrics. Establish and manage all essential milestones including announcement day, Day 1, Day 100 and “integration complete”, along with incremental assessments.

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