Business integration and IT integration are so deeply interdependent that more than half of all M&A synergies are IT related. Let our senior M&A IT leaders guide you through the entire M&A IT lifecycle to achieve superior results.

In many instances, M&A transactional valuations are created without truly understanding the impact of the underlying IT system complexity, overlap, and subsequent integration costs.  Using a standard methodology, our IT experts can identify issues and provide an understanding of their financial impact.

  • IT Integration Scope and Risk Assessment. Our senior advisors work to create a comprehensive current state architecture map of the target company with a specific representation of core business processes and systems and translate those findings into specific potential impacts and implications for integration.
  • IT Rationalization. Rationalization is the process of identifying and eliminating the inefficiencies that come from redundancy, over investment in low-utility solutions and other causes for newly-combined organizations.

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