Stephanie Snyder

Stephanie Snyder of M&A Partners

Stephanie Snyder

Senior Partner
M&A Partners

Stephanie has consulted on some of the world’s largest and most complex mergers, including the $80-billion ExxonMobil merger. She has advised clients across all industries and around the globe including Chicago Mercantile Exchange/Chicago Board of Trade; ABN AMRO/Royal Bank of Scotland; Fortis; Satander; AG Edwards/Wachovia; Maritime Life/ManuLife; Pfizer/Pharmacia; and Pfizer/Warner Lambert

Stephanie led the Global M&A Team at Nortel Networks. She has designed and developed custom M&A solutions for numerous clients, including an online methodology and playbook for John Deere to help their independent dealers grow through mergers and acquisitions. Her strengths include merger integration training and planning, communications, culture fit analysis, organizational design, talent retention, post-merger strategy and business optimization.


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