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Darren McKnight of M&A Partners

Darren McKnight

Senior Partner
M&A Partners

Darren McKnight is a successful Business Operations leader and game changer who drives results by organizing cross-functional teams and bringing order to the business.  As PMO of seven post-acquisition integration initiatives, he translates strategic objectives into executable plans, delivers clarity of focus and implements new business processes.  His leadership of cross-functional teams executed corporate-wide business transformation initiatives from strategy through execution to performance management and measurement.

Darren served as the PMO of the $2.5 billion merger between two major electrical parts distributors to form the largest global electrical parts firm.  His team exceeded the business plan by $30 million and leveraged the company’s buying power to harness additional savings.  His acquisition integration and business process improvement experience spans over 10 years and several industries, including wireless communications, electrical parts distribution, healthcare and oil & gas companies.  His prior experience includes systems operation and integration for two national wireless companies.

Darren holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, as well as an MBA from the University of Dallas.  He serves on the board of two nonprofits involving underprivileged youth and career development.

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