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Change Management & Business Transformation

M&A related change management is about accelerating and optimizing the results you expect by effectively managing the people and organizational risks that cause 70% of M&A deals to underachieve or destroy value. Companies using a fit-for-purpose M&A change management capability typically overachieve target results, in some cases by as much as six times over those that do not.

At its core, M&A integration is about leading organizations and people through change. The better you are at leading change, the more effective you will be at M&A.

  • Current Culture Capture. Get clear and aligned on the language and current reality of your existing culture.
  • Define Desired Outcomes.  Identify processes, systems, beliefs, and behaviors that will make your organization successful.
  • Define the Path to Get There.  Create a clear and aligned statement identifying what must change, what must stay the same, and what can be postponed.

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