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Integration Practices that ‘Move the Needle’ on Results

Recent survey research conducted by M&A Partners shows a high correlation between the use of specific integration best practices and substantial improvements in business results, including capturing revenue synergies, minimizing value erosion and optimizing the pace of integration.

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Our senior experts have advised on hundreds of deals of all types. As the exclusive integration services sponsor of the M&A Leadership Council, we have trained over 1,000 executives in the “Art of M&A Integration.”
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Empowering M&A Competency

Do you have what it takes to get good at M&A? If your organization is looking at more deals, bigger or more complex deals, or deals coming at a greater velocity, it’s time to rethink how to build your internal M&A capabilities. Find out the five key components you will need to succeed. 

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Wondering where to get started? This resource can help. As indicated by our survey results, organizations that develop a comprehensive integration strategy – before launching integration -- far out-perform those that do not. Consider our Game Day Strategy Summit for jump-starting your integration. 

IT Services for M&A

According to a recent McKinsey study, more than half of all M&A synergies are IT related. More importantly, business integration and IT integration are deeply interdependent. Let our IT M&A experts help you produce the results expected from this essential function.

Executive Briefing – Will You Be One of the 30%?

It’s still true – 50-70% of deals just don’t measure up to the full financial or strategic results expected. Let our senior advisors help inform and align your top leadership team with the proven insights and practices that will put your organization in the 30% that succeed.