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IT "Merger Repair"

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Do you have an integration project (or a work-stream within an integration) that is “OBE?” That’s a common military term meaning, “overcome by events.” Every integrator has been there, done that, and has at least one t-shirt that says so. It’s a far more common problem than most folks care to admit. Here’s how it often comes about.

IT Integration vs. Rationalization

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One of the common regrets we often hear from senior executives during surveys and internal M&A capability assessments is that they “throttled back” on integration efforts too quickly post-closing.  Meaning, they achieved short-term integration success, such as we have previously defined as “steady-state operations,” (See: Getting Operational Cut-Over Right) but failed in many of the more important longer-term value-capture initiatives.

Assessing IT Integration Scope & Risks During Due Diligence

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One of the first questions we routinely ask clients when initially ramping up a due diligence effort or pre-integration planning phase is “Where is I.T.?” Specifically, we are getting at key principles of success that dictate getting senior level IT pros involved in an early and comprehensive IT due diligence effort. Surprisingly, many organizations have learned the importance of this lesson the hard way.


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