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About M&A Partners

M&A Partners is an advisory firm dedicated to helping you achieve M&A integration success. That’s our sole focus. We’re senior advisors who deliver superior results.

We work across all industries and all stages of the deal lifecycle from strategy and due diligence; to announcement, pre-close integration planning and “Day 1;” to post-closing and optimization.

Our flexible delivery methods range from a single advisor working directly with your senior leaders, to staffing full enterprise integration teams, and a variety of specialized solutions in between.

We help leaders maximize ROI by building M&A as an enterprise core competency. We work with your teams to transfer our best-in-class techniques to ensure you get integration right, time-after-time.

When you hire us, you get our best solutions and thinking…M&A Playbooks, tools, publications, training, with support for multiple integration management platforms that lets you concentrate on results rather than data collection through centralized status reports, analysis, and dashboarding.

You know your business…we know successful M&A integration. Let’s partner.


Our History

M&A Partners was founded in 1999 for the purpose of deploying M&A integration best practices for clients across all industry sectors. Our team of senior partners is comprised of "no nonsense" senior executives with years of M&A experience walking in the shoes of our clients.

Our senior partners have directly led and supported hundreds of M&A assignments of all types from a few million dollars in enterprise transaction value to over $40 billion in transaction value. Above all, our senior advisors deliver superior results. According to a Business Week study of 302 mergers over a five-year period, M&A Partners generated the highest shareholder returns (86%) in the study.